Regateo App.

Increase your online store value. Now.

Your audience is not uniform. Give the word to your customers, discover how they value your business and multiply your sales. Hurry up and install Regateo from Shopify App Store. Try it 30 days for free.

Value added.

Establish contact with your customers when they are more interested in you.

Easy set-up

You decide what products use Regateo and what is the minimum price you are willing to accept.

Generating negotiations

Let the machine algorithms consistently drive conversions and engagement, and use it on your favor.

Draw conclusions

Successful or not, the data generated will help you to get the right results at a lower cost.

For sellers. By sellers.

The more traffic you get, the more powerful Regateo becomes turning potential clients into sales and data.

Easy monitoring.
The most important information in the blink of an eye.
Successful negotiations

Check how your customers value your products and get deals. The best way to build a trusted brand.

Failed negotiations

The way to know why your traffic is not purchasing some of your products and discover the fair price.

Different products. Different strategies.
Full control of your online store.
A/B testing

You decide what products and /or variants use Regateo. Test Regateo efficiency in some variants.

Establish your margin

You know your business better than anybody. Choose the minimum price you are willing to accept to generate a sale.

Bargaining level

The aggressiveness of Regateo is only chosen by you. Turn your store into a Swedish store or the Istanbul bazaar.  

Regateo works 24/7 for you.
Only targeting potential customers.
Interested customers

Regateo detects who is more interested in buying your products.

Just in time

In real time. When your client needs it the most. Be there to help them decide to purchase your products.

Smart data
Driving your business to success.
Efficient analytics
Most interesting products

Graphs to visualize all the main data generated and help you understand why your store is behaving the way it is.

You will know what the products and variants your traffic likes the most and what you can do to get more sales on them.

Email marketing evolution
Productive retargeting campaigns
Follow up sales
Prioritize personalization

The best way to follow which discounts are generated by Regateo or other offers you launch.

Successful once. Successful twice. Send email campaigns with individual discounts that already worked.

Not a Shopify store?

Regateo App can be easily adapted to your online store. We are launching the App for WooCommerce and Magento platforms very soon.

If your store is not under one e-commerce platform we also can adapt Regateo to your business. Click on the link below and tell us about you.

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