Regateo Pro.

Wasting is over.

Regateo will help your business to manage the stock of fresh products to offer the best quality to your customers.

Joining with time.

Time is the enemy of perishable goods. Let the demand enter in the equation and it will become your ally.

Customer interaction

Let your customers know when your goods are approaching the date of expiration. 

Optimizing stock

Stock management is not easy. Predict customer behavior based on real data. 

Reducing costs

Social responsibility can help your business to reduce the waste of money.

A revolutionary concept
Timing is everything.
Minimizing wastes

Wasting products is not only expensive but social irresponsible. Regateo gives the word to your customers before it is too late.

Lean inventory

Matching demand and supply used to be impossible in perishable products. Now, applying lean management concept is possible.

Monitoring from the distance
Control of products and prices.
More revenues

Regateo also can help your business to improve its margins in those products with high demand.

Setting price alarms

People love purchasing products on sale even if they don't need it. With Regateo, sales disembark in perishable products. 

How would this work with your business?

Regateo solution can help your business taking the lead of your industry. If you want to know more about it, click below and join the ongoing e-commerce disruption. 

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