How it works.

A quick guide for those who just landed.

So, you just got Regateo and you don’t know where to start. We will give you a quick tour, starting with the basics!

Welcome to the Dashboard.

This is where you control Regateo app. Here you can activate Regateo for your desired products and check the information about all your past negotiations. In the left bar you can see the different sections contained in the dashboard.

You can click in the Show More… button and you’ll be led to the Negotiations section. This section is meant to show all the detailed information about every negotiation for your products:


But how do I start negotiating with my customers?

Nice question. Now that you are familiar with the basics it’s time to put Regateo to work. In the first place go to the “Products” section in Regateo Dashboard. Here are listed all the products created in your Shopify Store:

You just have to Activate Regateo for a certain product and then specify the Minimum Price you would be willing to offer for closing a deal with your potential client for that product. Regateo will never offer a lower price than your Minimum Price

On the other hand, Web Price is the price that you are currently asking for your product, set in your Shopify store, and it can’t be edited in the Dashboard as it is set automatically. So, if you want to edit your Web Price you will have to do it through your “Product” section in your Shopify Store.

Please note that changes are saved automatically every time you set a Minimum Price.


And how does Regateo work?

Once you activate Regateo for a certain product, it monitors your customers visiting your website. If a customer shows interest in a certain product then Regateo pops up, offering the chance to negotiate.

If the negotiation is successful it generates a discount code, which is valid for an hour. The generated discount code doesn’t interfere with other promotions in your store, although one single discount code can be redeemed at the same time. If the chatbot doesn’t reach an agreement or the customer closes the chatbot, the information is still shown in the dashboard, so you can evaluate why it failed.


Nice! I’ve already had a lot of negotiations in my store, but what now?

Now it’s time to get the most from Regateo. You now have a lot of information about your products. Let’s have a look to the “Product Data” section:

Here you can see all the data gathered through all your negotiations, particularized for each product. We have also included the most important average indicators.

But what exactly all this that means? Let’s see some examples:

  • Total Negotiations give you an idea of how your customers value your products. A product that is highly negotiated is a product that has captioned the attention of lots of potential customers. Now, if those negotiations are mostly successful it’s a good sign that your product is having a great acceptance between your customers. On the other hand, a majority of failed negotiations means that you are selling an interesting product, but price is holding the wallet of your customers.

  • Average Agreed Price and Average Max Price Offered are good indicators of your products ideal price. It’s what most customers are willing to pay for your product. You should pay special attention to the Average Max Price Offered: if that were your product price, would all those failed negotiations have been successful instead?


Whoa, that’s a lot of information, could you keep it simpler for me?

Sure, that’s why we have designed the Analytics section:

Here you will easily find all the important information at a blink:

  • Regateo Sales Ratio: how many of your sales are made thanks to Regateo. A product sale is only count as a Regateo sale if a discount code generated for that product has been redeemed.

  • Top 5 Regateo Selling Products: the products that have more sales thanks to Regateo.

  • Top 5 Interesting Products: the more negotiated products.

  • Top 5 Interesting Products Key Prices: for your Top 5 Interesting Products, you will see in, at glance:

    • Web Price.

    • Minimum Price.

    • Average Agreed Price.

    • Average Max Price Offered.


And finally, is it possible to custom the chat messages shown in Regateo chatbot?

Sure it is, just head to the “Settings” section:

Here you can find all the chatbot dialogue, explained, so it’s easier to custom your own Regateo chatbot.

There are also three more adjustments you can make with Regateo:

  • Bargaining level: this sets how many times and how easily Regateo engages with your customers. A higher level means more negotiations and shorter response time.

  • Regateo margin threshold and Regateo Pweb Threshold: set the threshold where your negotiations are made by discount. It’s better to negotiate discounts when prices are low.

That’s all for now. You are now ready to empower your store!