Frequently Asked Questions

Does Regateo increase my traffic?

No. Regateo only interacts with users that are already in your online store and have demonstrated some interest in your products


What if I just want to use Regateo for some specific product?


Good question with an easy solution! Just go to Product page in the dashboard and select the product and/or variation you want Regateo to be searching for potential customers.


How do I install Regateo?


You just have to go to Shopify App store, look for Regateo App and install it following the trusted process prepared by Shopify.


Is Regateo available in other platforms?


We are working hard in order to launch Regateo in more e-commerce platforms. It will be very soon.


How can I contact support?


If you are having any issue while installing or using the app just write an email to support@regateoapp.com and our IT team will respond you with a solution asap.


What if discounts are higher than expected?


That is NOT possible. Regateo is not allowed to reach any successful negotiations below the Minimum Price the seller is willing to offer.


Are successful negotiations sales?


No. A successful negotiation only generates a discount code that the customer must use when doing the checkout. It is only valid for one hour so there are no regrets on the deal.


Does a discount code apply for more products?


No. The discount code only applies to the product that has been negotiated.

Why I don't see data in the dashboard?

Remember that the data is generated when negotiations are triggered. Regateo only can develop its power if the website has enough traffic that is interested in your products.For websites with less than 100 visits/day it might be more difficult to trigger the negotiations.