Regateo Pro.

Events transformed in unforgettable moments.

A movie. A concert. A game. Those special moments everybody talks about that will generate more impact in the future thanks to Regateo platform.

Margin optimization.

A successful business depends on its margins. Regateo takes care of it.

One-time events

Now the audience has the power of valuing every unique event.

Scheduled events

The most efficient way to capture more audience is to give the word.

Operating costs

Regateo will help you reduce the impact of fix costs.

Taking advantage of inelastic demand.
Unique events not to miss

Some events are unique in life and you are not allowed to miss them. Demand will increase your margins.

Appreciating the good value

Crowded concerts or games, where demand values the moment higher than estimated.

A solution for stuck situations
Minimizing fix costs impact.
Stimulating demand

Sometimes plans are not executed because the price is over budget. But what if we could ask for a better price?

Reducing losses

A movie or theater pass almost empty but programmed anyway. Not anymore. Let the public willing to assist to reduce your losses.

How would this work with your business?

Regateo solution can help your business taking the lead of your industry. If you want to know more about it, click below and join the ongoing e-commerce disruption. 

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