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Filling the gap

Driving traffic to your business is more and more expensive. Regateo digital platform boosts your sales by understanding your clients. 

Best e-commerce platforms trust Regateo. Find out why.
Why Regateo.
Empower your clients

Regateo is the only software that gives the word to your clients in real time when they need it the most.

Deeper knowledge

Live interaction allows you to understand better your business and your customers behavior with key metrics.

One concept. Multiple purposes

Designed and built to match supply and demand no matter the industry of your business. Just Regateo.

Regateo in action.

A platform driven by the commerce fundamentals and the power of technology, and pushed by real experience and a deep knowledge.

Conversion Rate

Driving traffic to your business is hard and expensive. Sell more and spend less by increasing your efficiency. 

Business Value

Push the winners and kill the losers thanks to your customers value. Don't waste more money.

Suitable Solution

Not every business or industry is the same. We adapt Regateo to your specific requirements and needs.

Interaction in-situ

You have few seconds to engage customers with your products. Let them know that you are there for them.

Data Management

Make the right decisions by understanding the data generated. Transforming numbers in super valuable information. 

Brand Engagement

Build a relationship with your customers. Listen, think, offer and let them define the best marketing strategy.

Detecting affinities

Studying customers behavior you can obtain valuable information to offer the right products.

Efficient Marketing

All your customers are not the same. Personalize your marketing based in real behavior and data.

Full Control

Adapt the platform for every market situation and need. 

In. Real. Time. 

A solution across industries.

Delivering value across different sectors and industries.


Boost your sales increasing your conversion rate up to 60%


Fair price? Allow your audience improve your margins and cover you fix costs


Not only match your demand but let the demand surge


Know how your customers value your products and optimize your catalogue

Travel & Tourism

Reduce seasonality peaks and valleys with a real time supply and demand solution


The time is not the problem but the solution for perishables products

Successful brands trust Regateo.
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A solution across industries.

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